Wednesday, December 10, 2008

last minute

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to show you our latest goodies for Christmas. We have made two new Spice Angels dressed in vintage doileys, linens and lace. Holly and I had a great time digging through the large stash of vintage materials collected over time to find just the right bits & pieces . It's been a while and I had forgotten some of the treasures packed away. We love making these dolls as it is such a lovely way to use gorgeous old materials. They smell Christmassy too; the hearts are filled with cloves.

The first one has blue accents with a lovely old blue bird doiley and "french blue" shoes.

The bottom doll features an autumn toned doiley and "maple syrup" painted shoes. The best part is bringing them to life by blushing thieir cheeks....they 'warm up'.

Holly has been busy on her own too. There are more licorice allsort buttons and the cutest little plum pudding buttons avaliable in the Wattlebee shop now.

Plum Pudding Buttons - so cute!
These cute Holly leaves and Berry Beads are perfect for making an original pair of earrings but could be used on any Christmas project.

Licorice Allsorts - New colours and styles

Holly likes to make sure all the holes are clean in her buttons and we have the perfect size drillbit hidden away, I say hidden as our drill went missing, then one by one the bits went too. Lovely sons like to use them but they don't remember to give them back. I have to hide my scissors too! I hope Santa brings me a new pair....I've hinted a lot! Perhaps ones that give an electric shock to anyone not using them for fabric...ha ha!

Hope you are well underway with Christmas preparations and not feeling too stressed.

Best wishes


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Drum roll please......

Apologies for being sooooo slack with saying hello. I don't know what happens at the end of each year, the world speeds up and time seems to speed up with it. Everything has to happen before the magical change over to another year. I think I'm my own worst enemy as I try to do too many things at once and end up not finishing enough of them.

Anyway.... an absolutely lovely thing happened recently. I was awarded a very special honour from a very special blogger in Ireland. Stephanie's blog - My Calico Heart is always interesting and a visual delight ( also updated regularly...unlike mine). I was really thrilled to receive this award and have posted the banner with pride. I feel I have found a new friend and it is certainly inspiring and rewarding to have people like Stephanie on your side.

As to new designs...well I just finished work at school and as the kids are now on holidays ( me too) I'm ready to go. I really love christmas and all those holidays so no excuses are allowed. Not sure I'll finish the small Christmas wall hanging. The Moda fabric is gorgeous but I want it to be perfect, and at the moment it's not so I'm just going to chill on that one. There's always next year!

Another enterprising friend in Prague is holding Doll Club classes featuring my dolls. I am thrilled that the classes are going so well for her. Bohdana is a very talented person and her expertise in sewing and classes is a vital part of the success. I'm very grateful to her for my part in introducing doll making to The Czech Republic. Bohdana has sent filled photos of classes in progress. I will ask permission for photos to show.

Until next time...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fresh Start

Hi everyone,
Just a quick post to show what we've been up to.
Getting in early for the new year with a fresh new look. What do you think?
I love this funky, smart look and have started drawing up designs to match. That will be our next show & tell.
Check out Holly's as well, she's been having some fun too. Aren't kids great with computers.

I have added two new Blogs Hugs n Kisses & Hatched and Patched- lovely crafters.

Off to do a few things now for an early Monday start.
Happy creating

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Steamy!

Hi Everyone,
Another steamy I mean. It's been so humid we just don't feel like doing more than we have to at the moment. The humidity brings crackling storms and pretty impressive light shows....and rain. My fruit trees and vegies are growing at a rapid rate. Actually found a cucumber that the bugs had missed, they must have been busy on the tomatoes, lucky me!

I don't think the family was that impressed with the cucumber either as it was quite prickly and required intense dermabrasion before using.

We have such wonderful customers at Wattlebee. It's always so nice to receive an email and I appreciate the kind words and friendliness. Holly has sold two packets of her buttons and has been busily making exciting for her. I think there are only 3 weeks left of school for another year and I'm looking forward to the holidays too. Plenty of time for lots of creating.

I have been making quite a few aprons as a result of the Newsletter that just went out. I love screen printing so it's been so much fun. The little birds design will be advertised in the new year.
January will be a busy month as dolls will be appearing in Australian Homespun and Australian Country Threads magazines to start off the year. One is an Australiana doll the other is for an applique special.

Trying to finish the last of my study. Three weeks left until last submission - one more project to go. I'm working on a local site, an historic cemetery, it's pretty run down and sad looking and I'm mapping certain areas. I always feel better taking someone with me when I visit to take photos, as it's too isolated and over grown in parts....a big baby!

This is a view of the entrance to the cemetery...I must admit it was a gloomy day and it isn't that bad when the sun is out.

This is a very clever art work by UK artist Susan Stockwell - Titled: South America.
It is made from used coffee clever is that!

Best wishes


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aprons completed

Hi everyone,

Finished two of the aprons yesterday after finally tracking down just the type of natural tape that I wanted for the ties....just a tiny bit hard to get. Haven't had time to pop them in the shop yet but will over the next couple of days.
I had big plans for this weekend, all ready with the new fabric colours etc and as generally happens, plans change. But all for the good as we had a lovely relaxed roast lunch this Sunday, something we don't normally get to do, and this took up most of the morning with preparation. The boy's had been out trying to catch sand crabs from about 4 am and as you could imagine were pretty tired by afternoon but their efforts did result in a wok full of chilli crab. An early night for all I think! A pretty nice alternative weekend though.

Holly has been making the most gorgeous little softies. She made two this weekend and has drawn up a real cutie to make next.

Here's Bernie -he has a lovely doc flannel face which just feels wonderful to touch.
She's almost finished a cute little orange print with flower softie ( these are rabbits) and then the new design. The hard part is getting her to clean up afterwards though.

Well it's off to work tomorrow and there is a art exhibition for the senior girls to attend to so it will be a busy few days. Thank goodness it's part time as I wouldn't get anything else done. Just love it though.

Uni is coming along fine. I felt completely exhausted after first submission and felt like crying after mailing my work.....not uncommon as I've since learnt. But this second half is okay. I was ironing my last project and burnt a hole in the organza fabric...actually melted onto my iron, well it turned into a plus as it suits the theme even better. I'll never admit that it was a mistake and not intentional. Did have to buy a new iron though.

Take care and happy creating.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Show & Tell

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post before bed as it's been a long day. Pretty happy with the journal covers...the dowel button worked a treat too! Easy to make yet smart looking.

Here are the two finished covers for the Poinsettia ( Xmas one) and the little birds.

I stitched around the middle bird and up & down the stripes for a little contour, you could do the same around the flower but I think they look fine as they are. I wanted to keep it simple and compliment the fabric. to hear what you think. Will be making up the aprons next.

Have a lovely day


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The most fun!

Hi everyone,

This weekend has been such a lot of fun, don't you love it when a plan works!

All I wanted to do in this long weekend was screen print and everything went really well. A few mistakes...I mean experiments, and we were off and running.

I have a few sneak peeks for you. The first print is a special one for Xmas as it's a Poinsettia flower ( which always makes me think of Christmas). I've screen printed it onto beautiful 100% linen destined to be journal covers - I thought they would make lovely gifts or just to record your special Christmas ( great for sizes, what to buy and wish lists too). Tomorrow is the big sewing day so I'll have a finished one to show after that. I'm also offering really yummy aprons for a great look on Christmas Day. They too are printed on pure linen and look great.

This one pictured is a mini version for a little kitchen helper.

The following bird print is really cute....decided to print in chocolate colour on natural linen. These are pre cut for A5 Journal covers. I'm padding and stitching before making up a sample cover tomorrow.
I'll package them as kits so that you will have a pattern and can make up the pre cut & printed fabric....great for gifts!

The linen makes them feel so special and will last forever. I feel ready to get stuck into lots more as Holly has been making samples with gorgeous bright, fun colours that can be embellished...more on that very soon.

Off to play an Agatha Christie mystery game with the kids then a good nights sleep ready for another big day.

Happy sewing


Sunday, October 12, 2008

After the holidays

Hi everyone,

Holidays were wonderful and the beach was perfect as usual...actually the weather wasn't that great for the first week but perfectly glorious for the second. I had to come home for a few days in the middle to catch up on some work but it was still a lovely break.

Unfortunately all the sewing I had planned didn't eventuate but then it only makes you want to delve in again when at home.

I finished the santa I was making from the spotty fabric and there are a few more to do still. This little guy is already spoken for and off overseas soon. He is in traditional red but the funky spot gives him a nice little twist. The bell and buckle were custom made by Holly from Polymer Clay and his black wire wreath is threaded with red wooden beads.

What do you think? In this photo he's not quite finished, but you get the idea.

Still trying to find the time to complete the small quilt, should be very soon though.

I hope everyone enjoyed making their Xmas Club patterns. All overseas members will receive their free gift pattern in November as the last Australian ones are sent. I haven't forgotten! It's really lovely...a surprise though for now!

I'll leave you with some shots of the coloured sands at Rainbow Beach. The day I took these the conditions couldn't have been better for photography. The sky was a deep solid blue.

My little fisherpeople.

Couldn't resist through the car window...still came out okay!

Almost forgot.....On the cover of Australian Country Threads magazine again with my birthday doll.
Happy sewing

Friday, September 12, 2008

Still here just tired!

Hi everyone,
Another busy week or so; started on study projects....Conceptual Art & the language of materials, pretty interesting but I haven't been able to switch off, I guess that's something you learn as well.
It was our 29th wedding anniversary last week and I cooked a special dinner...yes I know it's work but I love doing it. Beautiful roses were presented, it was a such an enjoyable evening. Can't believe the time has flown by so quickly.
Presenting proof of flowers....he's gotten better over the years so all my training hasn't been in vain.

Sorry, too many shots of roses? They just came out well & I couldn't choose just one.

The birthday issue of Australian Country Threads comes out 12th September with my doll 'Hip Hip Hooray", they may not have called her that in the magazine though. I'm almost ready to send the latest one for January's issue....just have to check the pattern and bundle things up.

Looking forward to the school holidays coming up next week. I seem to be saying that a lot, but luckily they do come up often ...thank goodness! All the Xmas Club members will be sent the first of the club patterns on Monday. All Australian orders will be received before school break up.
Don't forget to check out Holly's new buttons - Sushi....can you believe it!

Take care


Sunday, August 31, 2008

school daze

Back to school...back to school, my goodness the day has finally come. I'm really looking forward to it though....hope I'm up to the task. First unit is on textiles....perfect!!

You may have seen the new heading ...Holly's Handmade Buttons & Beads. This is an exciting little development that I am really pleased to promote. Holly is making licorice allsort buttons as I write, and my brain is going into overload deciding on a suitable project to showcase them on. She is always making something and particularly enjoys making small objects from polymer clay. The detail is amazing as well as the enthusiasim....just may not be able to pay the gas bill after all the firings. Can't stifle creativity though!

I am well underway with the Christmas wall hanging , using the 'Peace on Earth' range from Moda is a joy, the fabrics are so beautiful and the Charm pack is a great way to try them all. I don't have to cut my squares...all done for me. I'm working on the applique at present and will post a picture as soon as I can photograph it in good light.

First day of Spring in the morning here. The birds have been exceptionally active as one could expect. Even saw a small one building a nest ( or tending it) above the main entry door of our local shopping complex....right above the large 'C' for Centro. Pipi (cat) has also decided she would rather be outside 'to play', I wonder why! The weather is lovely too! (sorry Stephanie).

I have just finished packaging a really big order for Bohdana in Prague. She is starting up a Doll Club to introduce and encourage doll making in her country and I have had the pleasure of helping her in this endeavour. Pretty exciting stuff!

Well, I guess I should get a good night's sleep, it's been 1 am the last few nights getting patterns sorted, but everything that needs to be done is done....... maybe a little reading before shut eye.

Love to be able to show you a photo of my garden in full 'spring' mode, but it hasn't recovered, as yet, from the construction of the garage and all the big feet. So, I thought I'd show you the plum pudding that will be on 'special' for September. Hopefully I'll have the price changed on the website soon. It's a cutie and non fattening!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Smell the Roses

A timely reminder. Saw this on the internet and thought..... perfect! I had a new delivery of fabric arrive today from Sandi at Crafty Lady.
The ' Peace on Earth' & ' Posh' range from Moda are absolutely beautiful and beg to be made into something special. The ' Peace on Earth ' Charm pack is definitely destined for a Christmas inspired small wall quilt.

Wow ! more spots, there's some yummy ones inside the bundle too.
Thank you to all who have joined the Xmas Club, I'm going to be very busy I can see, but I so enjoy doing it.
Till next post,
ps. I'm going to unwrap the bundles now.....they look so neat in their little blocks, but I just have to lay them out to see them in all their glory before I call it a night.

Getting closer

How many sleeps to Christmas? Not many & not enough somehow, considering I leave everything to the last moment.

I have gotten this year's Xmas Club up & running though & the three angel projects are finished, photographed, displayed on my wall and info where it should be.

Angels always make me smile so I can never have too many.

I've added the embroidery on her skirt and tacking around the heart. Then to writing up the pattern etc. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've decided to supply these projects as complete kits so that you can get in and make them ( no excuse for UFO's).

I will have some interesting news regarding classes in doll making featuring my patterns overseas soon. It's an exciting new development and will help to spread the enjoyment of doll making in areas that are new to this craft. Best wishes to B in this endeavour.

Another fishing weekend coming up for the boys...ahhhh! the peace & quiet!

Back to work and perhaps a hot mug of soup....ahhhh! soup!

Happy sewing


Monday, August 18, 2008

Thank You - gift

Hi Everyone,

The last of the Doll Club patterns for 2008 is on it's way to you as I write. Mixed emotions here; a tinge of sadness akin to sending your young out into the world; and also satisfaction & relief that it is complete for another year.

As a BIG thank you to all my wonderful Club members I made up a quick Christmas Santa pattern for you & have included a free ceramic button to complete the project. There is a small black & white photo of santa finished in the pack but he is shown here in colour so that you can refer to it also for a guide. As it was a last minute 'bright' idea, any clarification needed re: instructions happily given via email too. Should be fine though!

Stocking Santa is about 10-11 inches tall to tip of hat. You could sew a rusty bell to the tip or reduce the pattern (photocopier) and make a tiny one. I also forgot to mention in the materials required list that you will need some sand or something similar to weight the bottom. I had the buttons specially made and they are quite cute.

Information should be ready to pop on the website today for the Xmas Club. Looking forward to that. I will have completed photos to show also on the BLOG.

Wishing you a lovely day


ps. Stephanie Smith of Qld is the winner of the Doll Club $25.00 gift voucher...Congratulations Stephanie !

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hi everyone,
Spring has Sprung... almost. You can feel it in the air and all things are in a state of renewal.

Right at this minute though, I have the last project for this year's Doll Club to show - here's Daisy.....she's sooo cute!
I've incorporated a technique called raw edge applique, and it is exactly that. Fun to do because it's quick, yet effective. The daisy petals are made from a light white cotton allowing shadows of the dress fabric to show through, this gives a lovely light, 'washy' effect.

Frills, plenty of detail & lots of fun. I'll be sending them all out by Monday so all Doll Club members will be receiving their copy of Daisy shortly.

Sadly, Xmas Club this year may be the last Doll Club for a little while, only temporarily though, as I will be studying and need to get settled into a regular routine. So unlike previous years I won't be starting off 2009 with the Doll Club. This new chapter is something I've wanted to do for quite a while and I guess all things in their own time. I will still be designing just as much as before and there will be plenty of new projects in the Wattlebee shop as well as regular Newsletters and this Blog. I'll be working just as hard so please keep popping in to see what's on offer.

Happy sewing and follow your dreams


Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hi Everyone,
I've been madly trying to catch up and finally have something to share. I've titled her 'Red' for obvious reasons, and after all, nothing evokes Christmas like the colour red.

I had so much fun playing around with this one as I love being able to use up scraps of fabric, and quite honestly you never really know what you end up with when using scraps. You can make her over & over & she will always be different. I love the cute little stocking and you could dress her up further for the season with a candy cane popped in the stocking.

All three Xmas Club dolls are ready's a glimpse of the other one.
She's not quite finished in this photo, but you can get an idea of the end result.
Just have to organise the info for you all and have it up on the website......sounds like a job for the Exhibition holidays coming up this week. As I have mentioned before I really appreciate any school holiday and these two lovely days will come in handy.
Well back to work...and there's lots of it! If I'm good I may get to watch a little of the Olympic coverage tonight.
Happy sewing

Monday, August 4, 2008


Greetings from Paradise,

Well it seemed that way on the weekend. We had a lovely, much needed, 3 days away at Rainbow Beach (think Fraser Island) and the weather didn't let us down.

Just had to take a photo of the camels. They are a quirky attraction and are often seen taking passengers for a tour along the beach. Haven't done that yet myself...they are a long way up!

I went for a good walk, picked over shells and tip toed at the edge of the crystal clear water...such a treat and I made sure I took some close-up shots of some shells ( one of them is my new screen saver).

This is over from the shops on the headland, looking out at the water...Fraser Is is to the left of the picture just out of view.

Back to work now, I have the last Doll Club project to photograph, another doll for Australian Country Threads, three Xmas Club dolls to complete and lots more goodies to come.

Take care & I hope you have your slice of paradise too!


Thursday, July 31, 2008

That time again!

Hi Everyone,

I'm still here. Feeling a little sore & sorry for myself lately having had a few little health hiccups. All's fine now but everything else goes out the window at times like this and I couldn't think of designing at all.
Now I can't wait, still have those spots ( fabric not me) to have fun with....... definitely my next project.

The boys were all away last week at a major fishing competition despite their fair share of rain, a good time was had by all and I do mean daughter & I enjoyed the peace & quiet too. I had lots of spare time (so I thought) to catch up on projects. Even though it didn't turn out that way we still enjoyed a little time to ourselves.

It's that time again with Xmas Club starting in September I wanted to show the first project "Evening Star". There will be three angels in the Club range and I will show them as I get them finished. I decided they will all be offered as kits as I think everyone appreciates having all the materials necessary on hand when they just want to get stuck in and create, as well as being time poor at that end of the year, so I can help out by providing kits. I have had buttons made to suit the projects and all the details will be sorted & available on the website soon.

Here's a glimpse of "Evening Star" She's a nice easy one. I also find, as handmade gifts are the best kind, that these Christmas patterns are used on many occasions for special gifts. My mum & sister do this for me and I can tell you, each doll tells a story and never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Off to do some creating...have fun & happy sewing

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Seeing Spots!

I'm finally happy to release the latest pattern ' pocket full of Miracles' and she is ready & waiting on the website. Stephanie, I'll be sending the promised pattern to you tomorrow.

Just in case anyone is interested....I finally found the original camera battery, knew I would, I suspect the cat found it and played a little game of soccer because we had checked the spot it was found in many times previously. Things are looking up.

Funky spots are in.
I wonder what I can do with these? I have an idea.....and I'll show you soon.

Happy sewing till next post.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

I get it!

I finally get it......having too much trouble with silly little problems lately surrounding this DVD. I need to step back, take a deep breath and let it be for awhile. Other projects have been put on hold & they need to be started so my new resolution is to get back to work and get them moving.

Forget all that....just had to have a little winge! I have some good news though, both the lovely ladies that commented recently on "Pocket full of Miracles" will receive a pattern ( as soon as I finish it). Debby & Stephanie, please let me know where you would like it sent and I will pop a pattern in the mail. There is still some writing & testing to do but I will let you know via BLOG as soon as they are ready to go. Hope you enjoy making them & thank you.

The weather was absolutely glorious today, out of the cold wind at least. So easy to fall asleep in a sunny spot. I was reading a lovely cookbook by Ross Dobson called China Town Sweet Sour Spicy Salty, the photography is beautiful ( Sydney Chinatown) and just looking through the recipes made me want to grab my wok and start chopping.

This is not Brisbane but Melbourne Chinatown....visited last year and yes, it's raining.

Till next time


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bermuda Triangle ?

There have been some very 'spooky' things happening lately. Yesterday we were about to do some video taping again for the DVD when I removed the battery from the camera to 'help' recharge it....totally forgot that that's NOT how you do it. Couldn't find the recharger; which is not surprising under the circumstances, and in the process somehow lost the battery. I have turned the studio & house upside down in my effort to find it, but to date no luck. I couldn't remember even putting it down, couldn't retrace my steps because it was a complete blank. To make matters worse I'd been looking for some other item earlier in the day and had no luck there either. The last straw was losing a card while out purchasing new fabrics today. Did the search through the bag, patting pockets, going back to the sales assistant etc, got in my car & went straight home.............and no, I didn't trip over the battery when I got in.
It's all too spooky. I really hope it goes in threes and I'm over it. I'm sure I'll laugh about it later, perhaps when I forget about the cost of my new battery!

Lighter side...aren't these ribbons just beautiful? I found them today and can't wait to see what can be done with them. I love the colour combinations and simple, fun shapes.

Very happy with myself for finishing & sending the Australiana doll off to Australian Homespun ahead of schedule. I really hate to let anyone down so she is in their capable hands now and I'm looking forward to seeing her in print in Jan '09. Seems like such a long way away but I know it will be here all too soon. This following link has some projects & info on next issues -

Christmas Club projects are on the design board now. There will be three, starting September through to Nov, and I haven't decided whether to make them as kits or patterns as we have done both before. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on this. I'll have some pics to show soon.

It is supposed to get really chilly tomorrow- 17 deg....I'm sure some of you will be saying that's not cold! But for here...well, it is a little nippy. Time for a hot chocolate right about now and check out my new fabric stash.

Happy sewing


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wet, wet, wet.

Hi everyone,

Beautiful rain is falling outside my window, so perfect for sewing......... and chocolate eating unfortunately!

Thanks Debby for your comment, lovely to hear from you.

I promised to post a full image of "Pocket full of Miracles" she is -

It's also a perfect weekend to write up the pattern so it won't be long before she will be available in the shop.

I visited an interesting website recently and just love their fabrics, I'm a sucker for gorgeous fabric & these are delicious....

Sorry it's only a quick post but I wanted to show her off and I will have more news soon. Remember the competition...leave a comment by July 8 & you will go in a drawer to win a pattern for her.

Have a lovely weekend


Monday, June 30, 2008

It's a Miracle!

Hi Everyone,

Finally made a start on "Pocket full of Miracles" I have a sneak preview of the pocket -

Had to complete the Australiana doll for Australian Homespun first and just couldn't get motivated to finish it. I put it aside to do other things instead and now it's almost due. I will finish her...I will!

I've made the wattle that she will hold, but I would like to redo the embroidery panel. I drew up a little kookaburra and stitched it in suitable colours but the cream thread on tea-stained fabric doesn't show up well enough so a re-stitch is necessary.

Speaking of Australian Homespun Magazine, Holly has her very first project in this June issue with "Bunny Love" wall hanging. It's been a long agonizing wait from July last year and the Young Designers Comp ( top ten finalists) but well worth it. She's looking forward to showing her teachers after the holidays.The blue version that is also shown in the magazine will be for sale soon on the website.
I'm reading the latest John Connolly novel "The Reapers" and trying to restrict myself to night time only (that time-slot may not be a good idea), otherwise I certainly won't get anything done.

Would anyone like to win a pattern for Pocket full of Miracles? To enter the drawer, please leave a comment about anything you like. If you've made one of my patterns, lets hear about it. Send the comment by the 8th July & I'll post a winner shortly after. Full picture of the finished doll next post.

Good luck !


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Front Cover!


Another doll for Aust Country Threads. This is the "Down on the farm" issue with "carrots & Tomatoes" that is out now.
I had a lot of fun designing her & was particularly pleased with how the bag of vegies turned out. I enjoy incorporating embroidery where I can, so this was a nice little detail that's pretty quick to do....I like quick results!
If anyone would like to send a photo of her made up, I'd love to show her off.

Just finished proof reading the birthday doll for Australian Country Threads Mag, she'll be out around August I think...must check on that.

The sun is shining and school holidays are in progress. Looking forward to catching up with friends and finishing off some projects that have been put on hold eg. DVD.

Better get back to work.

Happy sewing.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Doll Club Gallery

I wanted to show you one of the dolls made by a Doll Club member living across the globe.

Bohdana has produced this amazing result despite being new to doll making and having to have help in translating the instructions. It was so lovely to be shown this work. I also mentioned to her that it helps me also when questions are asked and I keep that in mind when writing and revising patterns. As materials & equipment were hard for her to find at home I was able to help in that regard, hence the same fabric as the original. I'm always happy to it's all good!

It's always inspirational to see how others interpret a design. Bohdana has been experimenting with tea-staining some more since this photo was taken & working on new techniques with project N0.2, so the sky's the limit now.

Here is Katka ( Kitey)
Best wishes to all the budding doll makers



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