Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hi everyone,

It has been a shocking time for many. Major flooding in northern Queensland and the devastating fires in Victoria. My prayers and thoughts go out to all affected. I could only imagine the hardship and terror felt as I watched and read the news, celebrated the survivals and mourned those lost.....so many heros doing amazing jobs. ....so much heartache. I'm so proud to be an Australian, we don't give up and we rally when needed.

It's been a little while now since my last post but there has been so much going on and exciting news to tell. Firstly, we were delighted last week to be told hubby & I will be grandparents in September. It was certainly a surprise as we didn't think it would happen with our eldest at all but secretly thought it would be such a shame if it didn't. You can imagine my dreams from that point on......designs for cot quilts, toys....the list goes on. It still hasn't sunk in completely. I find myself breaking out in a big smile as I think about it.

This last Friday morning to Sunday evening was an interesting break away for me as I went on a school art camp. The senior girls were right into the workshops presented and the outcome was spectacular. We went to Mt. Glorious so the scenery was lush rainforest, just perfect for the "nature" theme. The photography students took brilliant macro shots and I had a play around as well. I watched shibori dyeing which was very interesting, played with silk painting again, something I have always loved to do and helped out with wearable art.....lots of fun! There was so much preparation before hand and so many activities; day and night, that I just collapsed when I got home and still feel like I need a good sleep.

I will leave you with some of my photography efforts.
The area was alive with small bush creatures and lots and lots of birds.

Well I was trying to be artistic! Tree bark with a little parastic bush orchid (I think).
I disturbed an owl on the path while walking back from the work site to camp one night and it flew up onto a branch and stayed long enough for me to catch this image.

Another artistic effort that could be used for a painting or fabric design.

Yes, another bottlebrush!

Some of the students dyeing efforts....pretty effective!

Part of the final performance. The girls altered cloth to form living backgrounds for projected images ( their photos). Quite stunning with dance movements, sound effects and a rainforest background.

Best wishes

Monday, February 2, 2009


Hi everyone,

This is just a very quick note to tell you about an absolutely wonderful Etsy Store I have just found. If you adore whimsy and the cutest of cute little people then you must have a look. I think Henry is my favourite, although they are all loveable. The colours are beautiful and the faces.....well, I did say they were cute! It's called http://www.kazzmagorical.etsy.com/

Also show & tell two new buttons -

Bye for now,

ps. Thanks for your comment Beth. Yes, we women are very good at multi-tasking and I too wouldn't have it any other way.
pps. Stephanie, I guess the reality is a little further from my imagination. Just think how wonderful it will be when the sun does come out.


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