Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aprons completed

Hi everyone,

Finished two of the aprons yesterday after finally tracking down just the type of natural tape that I wanted for the ties....just a tiny bit hard to get. Haven't had time to pop them in the shop yet but will over the next couple of days.
I had big plans for this weekend, all ready with the new fabric colours etc and as generally happens, plans change. But all for the good as we had a lovely relaxed roast lunch this Sunday, something we don't normally get to do, and this took up most of the morning with preparation. The boy's had been out trying to catch sand crabs from about 4 am and as you could imagine were pretty tired by afternoon but their efforts did result in a wok full of chilli crab. An early night for all I think! A pretty nice alternative weekend though.

Holly has been making the most gorgeous little softies. She made two this weekend and has drawn up a real cutie to make next.

Here's Bernie -he has a lovely doc flannel face which just feels wonderful to touch.
She's almost finished a cute little orange print with flower softie ( these are rabbits) and then the new design. The hard part is getting her to clean up afterwards though.

Well it's off to work tomorrow and there is a art exhibition for the senior girls to attend to so it will be a busy few days. Thank goodness it's part time as I wouldn't get anything else done. Just love it though.

Uni is coming along fine. I felt completely exhausted after first submission and felt like crying after mailing my work.....not uncommon as I've since learnt. But this second half is okay. I was ironing my last project and burnt a hole in the organza fabric...actually melted onto my iron, well it turned into a plus as it suits the theme even better. I'll never admit that it was a mistake and not intentional. Did have to buy a new iron though.

Take care and happy creating.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Show & Tell

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post before bed as it's been a long day. Pretty happy with the journal covers...the dowel button worked a treat too! Easy to make yet smart looking.

Here are the two finished covers for the Poinsettia ( Xmas one) and the little birds.

I stitched around the middle bird and up & down the stripes for a little contour, you could do the same around the flower but I think they look fine as they are. I wanted to keep it simple and compliment the fabric. to hear what you think. Will be making up the aprons next.

Have a lovely day


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The most fun!

Hi everyone,

This weekend has been such a lot of fun, don't you love it when a plan works!

All I wanted to do in this long weekend was screen print and everything went really well. A few mistakes...I mean experiments, and we were off and running.

I have a few sneak peeks for you. The first print is a special one for Xmas as it's a Poinsettia flower ( which always makes me think of Christmas). I've screen printed it onto beautiful 100% linen destined to be journal covers - I thought they would make lovely gifts or just to record your special Christmas ( great for sizes, what to buy and wish lists too). Tomorrow is the big sewing day so I'll have a finished one to show after that. I'm also offering really yummy aprons for a great look on Christmas Day. They too are printed on pure linen and look great.

This one pictured is a mini version for a little kitchen helper.

The following bird print is really cute....decided to print in chocolate colour on natural linen. These are pre cut for A5 Journal covers. I'm padding and stitching before making up a sample cover tomorrow.
I'll package them as kits so that you will have a pattern and can make up the pre cut & printed fabric....great for gifts!

The linen makes them feel so special and will last forever. I feel ready to get stuck into lots more as Holly has been making samples with gorgeous bright, fun colours that can be embellished...more on that very soon.

Off to play an Agatha Christie mystery game with the kids then a good nights sleep ready for another big day.

Happy sewing


Sunday, October 12, 2008

After the holidays

Hi everyone,

Holidays were wonderful and the beach was perfect as usual...actually the weather wasn't that great for the first week but perfectly glorious for the second. I had to come home for a few days in the middle to catch up on some work but it was still a lovely break.

Unfortunately all the sewing I had planned didn't eventuate but then it only makes you want to delve in again when at home.

I finished the santa I was making from the spotty fabric and there are a few more to do still. This little guy is already spoken for and off overseas soon. He is in traditional red but the funky spot gives him a nice little twist. The bell and buckle were custom made by Holly from Polymer Clay and his black wire wreath is threaded with red wooden beads.

What do you think? In this photo he's not quite finished, but you get the idea.

Still trying to find the time to complete the small quilt, should be very soon though.

I hope everyone enjoyed making their Xmas Club patterns. All overseas members will receive their free gift pattern in November as the last Australian ones are sent. I haven't forgotten! It's really lovely...a surprise though for now!

I'll leave you with some shots of the coloured sands at Rainbow Beach. The day I took these the conditions couldn't have been better for photography. The sky was a deep solid blue.

My little fisherpeople.

Couldn't resist through the car window...still came out okay!

Almost forgot.....On the cover of Australian Country Threads magazine again with my birthday doll.
Happy sewing


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