Friday, December 16, 2011

Come for a walk...

Hi, Feel like a walk through GoMA? I took lots of photos (where allowed) on our Tuesday visit. Four exhibitions to see and worth a look. It's quite amazing that we don't have to travel far to see wonderful and inspiring art comes to us. As much as I'd love to go to paris and Japan etc to see some of these works it probably won't happen for a long time, so for now, here's what I saw at GoMA.

Below -Yayoi Kusama - Japanese artist.

This room was amazing to walk around, along with the inflated spotty shapes below.

This is one of the children's activity rooms (Holly has worked in here). It is called The Obliteration Room, and you can see why.

Below is part of the Pip and Pop Exhibition. All in minature, pastel lolly coloured, and quite fantastic. Made from icing (cake decorating), folded paper, modelling compounds, plastics etc. I took this photo from above looking down into the room. Kids can lay on cushions and view some of the suspended works from below.

Some elements light up and twinkle. It's a whole little world and very magical.

The Matisse Exhibition was wonderful, I'm so glad I got to see his work. Truly prolific artist. The Drawing Room is another area of the Exhibition worth taking some time in ( not allowed to photograph anything to do with Matisse). The area is set up in keeping with the time and includes drawing materials ( digital as well as traditional) and plenty of beautiful stimulus. There is a lovely violinist playing and the atmosphere is amazing.

This was how I spent Tuesday.
Hope you are able to visit yourself or at least sit back and enjoy the view with me.
Take care


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