Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Henny Penny

The weekend was very satisfying as we managed to get lots done around the house....even built a chook pen. The next day 5 little red hens arrived, approved the accommodation and decided to stay. Lots of great chook poo for my plants as well as the fresh eggs.

I thought a quick tutorial on using the Turning Tool that I mention in my patterns would be a good idea, it will be on the Tutorials Page in the Website soon as well.

This is how I turn a limb etc right side out:
After you have sewn the doll part, cut and snip as per pattern instructions. Dampen your fingers and separate the fabric layers by gently rubbing. When the layers are separated enough, push the tube into the fabric near seam and ease it up inside the body part. Don't start at the open end when turning a part right side out.

Had a great idea...about midnight ( the time of all bright ideas) on how to make transferring the face from pattern to doll a little easier for everyone....more on that soon.

Happy sewing
ps. Vera, thank you so much you made my day:)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lazy Dayze

The weather is brilliant today...too nice to be indoors. The boys have gone fishing, suposedly catching dinner, and I just can't get motivated to do any of the things I should be doing, eg. sewing. I have been asked to do the 'birthday doll' for Country Threads mag, which is really exciting because it's such fun to see a design in print. I also really enjoy working with the girls from the magazine. I've gotten as far as drawing up an idea, but it will happen....think it's due in 2 weeks....oh dear!

The fishermen are home ( plan B -Lasagne tonight).

The kitchen looked a bit like a laboratory earlier, vinegar, glass jars, eggs, other asorted bits & pieces...all in the name of science I was told. My 14 year old popped an egg into a glass full of vinegar, after about 4 hours, hey presto! The shell dissolves leaving a soft transparent ball. ....if you like that sort of thing!

Exhibit A

Friday, April 25, 2008

In the beginning....

This is my very first blog. Having an interesting time setting it all up....should be simple I'm told!
Just trying to find the time to do it justice.

I have just sent out the second project for the Doll Club at last and working hard at having the next one ready for June. This year is almost half over...where does it go !

I plan on having lots of interesting doll making info to share in this blogging journey, as well as a little glimpse of my world.


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