Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Sydney & back

Hi everyone,
Timing is everything and our Sydney trip was no exception. We had perfect weather for all of the planned activities. Roaming around the Sydney CBD yesterday on our last day the sky appeared completely grey as if we were surrounded by a veil. It felt as if something was about to happen. We were literally in the dark, without watching or listening to the news we were totally unaware of the encroaching dust storm that stopped flights out of Sydney this morning. We woke today in Brisbane to a red glow. The atmosphere was incredible, you could see and taste the dust in the air. People were forced to stay indoors with windows closed. This is a link to a news report which is quite interesting and has amazing photos.
The itinerary was pretty full so we were on the ground running for most of the time. Our first taste of the cultural treats awaiting us was at the Museum of Contemporary Art. After an insightful and stimulating introduction to some interesting contemporary artworks we strolled around the buzzing art/ craft world of the Rocks. I picked up a small print by a young 16 year old, autistic savant artist. His name is Ping Lian Yeak. The work is vibrant and full of life.....jam packed...just like Sydney!
Our evening entertainment was Fire - A Retrospective by Bangarra Dance Theatre which is one of Australia's leading contemporary dance companies. Someone was smiling on us that night as we made it JUST in time.... running up the MANY Opera House steps (then down again), some of the students with shoes in hand, trying to find where we needed to be. Above is a photo of Circular Quay. Cameras were not allowed in the Gallery or in the theatres etc so not too many of the fun shots but the links have beautiful images.

Sunday was completely mad but so much fun. Brett Whiteley's Studio in Surrey Hills was incredible. I honestly wouldn't have been surprised to look over and see him working on an unfinished painting. The studio is as he left it and the gallery showcased some beautiful work. I hadn't taken enough notice of his work to that point. This painting Balcony 2 was stunning to see 'in the flesh' it was so vast; the colours so vibrant and the images so delicate and true. This image doesn't really do it justice but you can see what I'm writing about.
This sculpture of two matches stands to the right of the door to his studio.
The 'mad' part of the day starts now - dressed and off to the musical "Wicked" ( which by the way was incredible) at the Capital Theatre, haven't laughed and clapped so the end of the trip my arms were sore. Clever, witty, funny and a touch sad...yes, I wiped away a tear or two. I must confess though to crying during the movie Chicken Run when they finally went over the fence..well it was a very emotional moment, wasn't it! Anyway, straight after we were on the street flagging down cabs to take all 23 of us to Fox studios and Australian Idol. It was amazing to see how the production of the show is organised - what happens during those annoying add breaks - and cameras flying everywhere. Didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did. I know I was asleep that night as my head hit the pillow.

Monday included a tour of ABC TV & Radio Studios at Ultimo. We visited the studio where Play School was filmed and bought Oliver a Little Ted. Today was a special treat for the Drama students as our next stop was NIDA - The National Institute for the Dramatic Arts where we had a tour and workshop. I can't say Acting is my forte so I just watched, but I did fall in love with the costumes displayed. I can show you pics of these.
This is the costume design studio at NIDA.

A gorgeous work board in the props room...filled with vintage bits and bobs that I'd love to play with.
These two costumes are entirely made of amazing!

Lots more to write about another night.

best wishes for now,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Special Times

Hi everyone,

So sorry for being so quiet. How did that month slip by so quickly? I write in my head all the time but just didn't quite get to sitting here and writing as I am now.

It has been a month of waiting, waiting and more waiting, but at last our precious little bundle has arrived. Oliver arrived safe and sound last Sunday and in our totally unbiased opinion he is absolutely beautiful. Mum (and dad) are both well and nan & pop (us) totally besotted. Dad is already planning the fishing rod he will make for him...hope he'll like fishing! Now I can get on with making his quilt. I wanted to wait and choose colours etc that will suit. He will be living by the ocean so a fishy, watery theme sounds perfect.

It will be a mad rush tonight packing for our trip to Sydney. Getting anxious already.... I'm not really a comfortable flyer. Thank goodness it's a fairly short trip though. Lots to see and do and good company so I'll be happy when we land.
I'll have lots to show & tell next week, so until then...
have fun & be safe.

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