Monday, July 18, 2011

On the go in July

Early July and our much awaited cooking class at the Spirit House, Yandina had arrived. The surroundings are lush and tropical. The perfect setting for a wonderful Asian (Thai in part) cooking experience. It was a fully hands on lesson and then lots of eating...yum!!

Forgot to take a photo before but this is an after...that didn't last long either. We cooked a delicious lamb cutlet marinated in fermented red bean curd and other ingredients and it was served with a beautiful pineapple salad/relish. If you like the sweet/sour and salty combo of Thai food you will know what I moorish. Malaysian Rendang curry, Thai fried rice with sticky pork and some extremely yummy spicy chicken pastries that were served with a cucumber salad/relish. Yes, it was a very nice day and I have cooked all of the dishes a few times at home since then along with a few new ones.

Something else that kept me busy was preparation for a Textile Workshop at school. It was a very big day but the students had lots of fun.

T.shirts were purchased for each student and they got to embellish using various mediums such as freezer paper stencils, fabric paint/spray, applique, suffolk puffs ( we had a little factory churning out suffolk puffs at one stage as some of the girls really enjoyed this exercise), and lastly simple embroidery stitches.

After they had used all the spray dye it was down to sponges and fabric paint.

Anyway, the girls were really proud of their results and it was a all was good.

Last but certainly not least my baby had her school formal on Saturday...the last one, so a little sad. She had a wonderful time and we were very proud of her.

For now, take care.



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