Monday, June 30, 2008

It's a Miracle!

Hi Everyone,

Finally made a start on "Pocket full of Miracles" I have a sneak preview of the pocket -

Had to complete the Australiana doll for Australian Homespun first and just couldn't get motivated to finish it. I put it aside to do other things instead and now it's almost due. I will finish her...I will!

I've made the wattle that she will hold, but I would like to redo the embroidery panel. I drew up a little kookaburra and stitched it in suitable colours but the cream thread on tea-stained fabric doesn't show up well enough so a re-stitch is necessary.

Speaking of Australian Homespun Magazine, Holly has her very first project in this June issue with "Bunny Love" wall hanging. It's been a long agonizing wait from July last year and the Young Designers Comp ( top ten finalists) but well worth it. She's looking forward to showing her teachers after the holidays.The blue version that is also shown in the magazine will be for sale soon on the website.
I'm reading the latest John Connolly novel "The Reapers" and trying to restrict myself to night time only (that time-slot may not be a good idea), otherwise I certainly won't get anything done.

Would anyone like to win a pattern for Pocket full of Miracles? To enter the drawer, please leave a comment about anything you like. If you've made one of my patterns, lets hear about it. Send the comment by the 8th July & I'll post a winner shortly after. Full picture of the finished doll next post.

Good luck !


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Front Cover!


Another doll for Aust Country Threads. This is the "Down on the farm" issue with "carrots & Tomatoes" that is out now.
I had a lot of fun designing her & was particularly pleased with how the bag of vegies turned out. I enjoy incorporating embroidery where I can, so this was a nice little detail that's pretty quick to do....I like quick results!
If anyone would like to send a photo of her made up, I'd love to show her off.

Just finished proof reading the birthday doll for Australian Country Threads Mag, she'll be out around August I think...must check on that.

The sun is shining and school holidays are in progress. Looking forward to catching up with friends and finishing off some projects that have been put on hold eg. DVD.

Better get back to work.

Happy sewing.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Doll Club Gallery

I wanted to show you one of the dolls made by a Doll Club member living across the globe.

Bohdana has produced this amazing result despite being new to doll making and having to have help in translating the instructions. It was so lovely to be shown this work. I also mentioned to her that it helps me also when questions are asked and I keep that in mind when writing and revising patterns. As materials & equipment were hard for her to find at home I was able to help in that regard, hence the same fabric as the original. I'm always happy to it's all good!

It's always inspirational to see how others interpret a design. Bohdana has been experimenting with tea-staining some more since this photo was taken & working on new techniques with project N0.2, so the sky's the limit now.

Here is Katka ( Kitey)
Best wishes to all the budding doll makers


Cupcakes & Surprises.

Recently I celebrated another birthday. Dad & the kids surprised me with a special kitchen item that I have long coveted. I rolled up my sleeves and set to work to produce these cup cakes. The gang came in at intervals during the procedure to witness the event and then we all sat down for a lovely afternoon tea. They may have not been the very pinnacle of cup cake sucess but they sure felt like it and it was a great day. Anyone like to share a good cup cake recipe? Bill Grangier has one too so I'll try that next.
Happy cooking & sewing.
ps. Happy birthday to anyone celebrating their special day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Winter Chills etc etc.

Talk about ironic, I will be sending out project No. 3 for our Doll Club this week. I called her " Winter Chills & Vitamin C ". I'm sniffing & coughing as I type, thought I'd escape this round but no such luck. To add insult to injury, it's a glorious day....sun shining....sales on everywhere and no energy to look for anything except where the tissue box has been hidden.
The good news is that I 'm really happy with how this project turned out and hope all the Doll Club members feel the same way.
Take care & happy sewing

Thursday, June 12, 2008

All finished!

Funny old day today, the weather hasn't quite made up it's mind to rain or not. A few family members are down with a cold and our tissue supply is running out....everyone is miserable!
I did manage to finish the sewing 'thing' though between medicating and comforting the troops. Thought you may like to see the finished article. It even folds up for storage.

I'm off to squeeze some more oranges & lemons.
Take care & happy sewing.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sew Sweet

I love going through my stash of fabrics, fabrics & more fabrics just to look at them, then refold & stack. I enjoy looking at the neat little piles of colour and sometimes that's all you need. I'm really pleased with this project ( a direct result of this activity), even though I didn't start the doll I should have & got a little side tracked, it was a lot of fun. I've taken a few pics to show you - I haven't put the binding on yet. I like making designs that are not only decorative, but are practical & useful too. This "Sew Sweet Tidy" lays over the arm of a lounge chair or similar and has a pocket for scissors, tape or cut threads ( I'm too messy....on the floor, clean up afterwards), a needle holder, pin cushion and a special pocket for your turning tool, pencil & brown pigma pen where children can't find them....yeah right! I'm going to make another for a gift.

This is my view at the moment looking out my sewing room window....remember the carport? Roof arriving tomorrow, should imagine it will all be on this weekend. At least it may curtail our cat's escape plans. She is obviously getting out through a window somewhere & having a ball on the framework while her silly owners are tip toeing around with a torch at midnight.

All happy endings to date.

Happy sewing

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who needs sleep?

Wow! I'm absolutely amazed at the response to Reach for the Stars. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments about her. I don't think I've been to bed till after 1 am all this week, with getting her ready and then preparing patterns etc.... going a little cross-eyed tonight.

This is the last long weekend for the year. The boys are building a carport to house the cars that seem to be multiplying at home.....children growing up etc. It will be nice when we don't have to do the early morning shuffle of cars.
While they are busy constructing, I'm hoping to do some of the same. I have bought just the right fabric ( I hope) for Inspirations No. 2, I've called her "Pocket full of Miracles" & can't wait to get started.

Love this small floral.

Show and tell soon

Deb :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Reach for the Stars

We were rained in this weekend...forgotten what rain like that sounds like. Hope it's going in the dams and where it's really needed too. The water is certainly doing wonders for my vegie garden.

It was the perfect weekend to catch up on some sewing and I managed to finish the doll previously mentioned for the Inspiration duo. I decided to enlarge the pattern and the finished result....well, what do you think?
The dress & body are all in one, she was really quick to make and looks fantastic on the wall. She also sports cute little wings - I like angels!
Love her legs....wish mine looked that good!
We had fun trying recipes for a new pressure cooker....where was this incredible machine when I needed it before!!.....when lost in sewing & having forgotten to put dinner on. We had lamb shanks, oxtail stew etc, in record time....delicious!
Also had a catch-up with my friends from "Heart of Gold Creations"- Andrea & Marianne are two very talented ladies as well as being warm & generous friends. I'm lucky to have met them as I'm always inspired after our catch-ups.
I'm off to work on " Pocket full of Miracles " show & tell soon.


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