Sunday, August 16, 2009

cough cough!!

Hi everyone,

Well, best laid plans and all that. Taken a little more time than I expected to post but who didn't want to have a flu shot? And, who was sick last week with the flu? Of course it was me. Actually half the family in turn has been left feeling like you know what. Never mind, we're a pretty tough old bunch usually so everyone will be back to normal soon.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post I really appreciate it. Marianne and Wendy W were the lucky two Pin Angel pattern winners this time, but there are more new patterns coming soon. Please let me know your address/ changes etc and I'll pop them in the mail.

Just wanted to share the new Doll Club pattern for October with you. This is Peace Angel and she holds a small appliqued quilt ( extra stitching) and has hands that are a little more challenging.

I have received the name of my swap partner so I'm pretty excited about joining in this year. We've exchanged some nice emails ( stitchers are always nice people) and it's fun swapping with someone from the US so I'm looking forward to the whole project.

Better get back to choosing fabric for Helen's swap project and finishing my last essay for this study period. Yeah!!

Bye for now


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Felting madness

Hi everyone,
This is not my new profile photo. It was actually our dinner. Well, it was pizza dough I left to rise and when I next looked it was staring back at me, magic! Had to wait all of 2 seconds until someone started to laugh and I had found the culprit. Silly sausages in this house.

Now I have to say...what happened to July! It's the first of August and I have been madly trying new things. Such new felting/ embellishing machine....fav new toy. So far it's lots of fun and I have been making flowers for embellishments on items and packaging them as little fun trims to add to handmade goodies. They look really good on beanies and certainly dress them up. Just as well really as I have been collecting wool roving and felt for ages and only touched the tip of the iceberg/pile to date with some other projects, so everyone's happy.

Holly & I spent time today organising clothes for an up-coming trip to Sydney . Trying to find suitable items that are travel friendly and right for our adventures has been a challenge. All black and mixable seems to be the way to go....I can add scarves etc to dress up or down. We're both really looking forward to this trip as it was arranged by school and is mean't to be a cultural experience. Drama, Visual Art and Music are on the agenda with art galleries, Sydney Opera House back stage visit, Brett Whiteley Studio workshop and all sorts of exciting things. We didn't have excursions like that in my day and I'm tagging along this time. I plan on taking lots of photos so I'll bore you with those after September.

For now though....Just finished another doll project for Australian Homespun Magazine. I always love working with Homespun and will look forward to seeing the project in print's out early next year.
I have also just sent off a large order to my friend Bohdana in Prague. She is running a very successful doll club over there and she puts a great amount of time into the workshops. All the patterns need to be translated by her and that takes quite an effort. Anyone interested in joining living near by -this is her site - Český panenkový klub
The boys have returned from their annual fishing competition at Rainbow Beach and a good time was had by all, and I do mean all. Us homebodies can relax and enjoy some alone time too. It's always nice to have them home though. The weather for the comp was lovely, which is a change from the wind and rain in previous years.
Almost forgot...the pin Angels ( pin cushions) pattern is in the Wattlebee Shop now, I was alittle slow in getting it there.
Best wishes


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