Crazy rabbit

Crazy rabbit season

Today I had fun making this little rabbit. The fabric has been sitting patiently waiting for me to decide what to do with of my fat quarter buys + some absolutely gorgeous felt. If you would like to make one too I have included step by step instructions & printable pattern sheet.

I have weighted the body with a little sand but you could omit the sand and depending on fabric choice work cross stitches for the eyes and it would make a fun baby toy.

front & back view of crazy rabbit.
Okay...these are the supplies required -10 x 12 " piece of fabric, stuffing, sewing (doll needle optional) needle, embroidery thread to compliment fabric colours, 2 small buttons (if using), matching sewing thread, 1 cup clean dry sand (if using), a turning tool ( stuffing tool or chopstick etc), Fray stop & general sewing equipment.
To make...Cut out pattern & place on wrong side of folded fabric as shown step 1. Trace around pattern (this is your sewing line). Transfer marks for opening on body.
Step 1.
Using a small stitch length sew completely around rabbit - leaving side opening.

Step 2.

Apply some Fray Stop to the outside of seams and allow to dry.

Step 3.

Cut rabbit out with a 1/4" seam allowance and clip into seams around curves...especially between the ears (step 5)

Step 4.

Step 5.

Fold base so that bottom seam and side seam are together - forming a triangle.
Step 6.

Mark 1 inch down from point and mark.....repeat for other side.

Step 7.
Sew across on line and cut away excess as shown.

Step 8.

Turn body right side out using a tool. Starting at an ear, rub fabric so that it separates and forms a pocket so that you can insert the tool. Roll the fabric over itself gently pushing the fabric inside the body. Repeat for other ear. Pull the ears out through side opening.

Step 9.

You can make a simple funnel from paper or cardboard. Use this to pour sand into base.

Step 10.

Place a layer of stuffing inside rabbit to cover loose sand.

Step 11.

Place stuffing towards ear and push into place with tool. Keep stuffing ears then body until firm.

Step 12.
Stuffing should look overfull. using matching thread neatly stitch opening closed.

Step 13.
From a scrap of wool felt - trace and cut one nose and one tail.

Position nose using image and pattern for a guide.

I used a small amount of glue to keep the nose in place while blanket stitching the shape using matching thread.

Step 14.

Step 15.

Mark mouth using a pencil. Using 6 strands of embroidery thread back stitch mouth.

Whiskers: Using a doll needle threaded with 6 strands of embroidery thread enter one side of nose and exit the other - leave approx 5 cm tails on either side before cutting thread. Separate each tail of thread into 2 groups of 3 strands and knot close to fabric.

Sew buttons or work a cross stitch for eyes as shown on pattern.

Step 16.
Place the felt circle (tail) in place on rabbit (see view of rabbits back). Using matching thread blanket stitch around circle. Leave approx 1-2 cms open and push a small amount of stuffing inside. Complete blanket stitching.
Step 17.

Another crazy rabbit....yeah!!

I'd love to see what you come up with. It would be kinda cute for Easter with a handmade choc egg...yum!


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