Friday, October 23, 2009

Sydney part two & a lovely surprise!

Hi everyone,
Something special arrived in the mail from my stitchers angel all the way from Germany ( I now know). The paper Heike wrapped the parcel in had the dearest little quilt blocks printed on it so I was really excited to open it up. As this is the first time I have participated in the swap I was touched by the generousity of spirit and the beauty of Heike's skill.
I now have a very special needle case for travelling, a beautiful Christmas wall hanging and the perfect bag to hold all my buttons. Thank you Heike. My swap items are on their way too, I really hope my swap partner enjoys her parcel as much as I have. Will show you what I sent after she receives them...can't spoil the surprise yet!

It's about time I finished my Sydney saga . Okay, I did mention the visit to the ABC studios last post but I have to show you a sneak peek of BIG TED from Play School ( an iconic Australian children's television show that has been on air forever ...well almost!) having a rest in one of the corridors. Couldn't not take a snap of that.
Our trip ended on a very high note with front row seats ( thanks to our very savy group organiser) to Street Car Named Desire - Sydney Theatre Company. It really was a fantastic performance by all and we really were excited to see Cate Blanchet up close and personal so to speak. Beautiful theatre and surrounds as well.

A bit of a walk, but a perfect evening. Lovely old cobble stones, walls and fixtures heading to the old docks. I'm pretty sure there was a fancy restauraunt on the other side of that door.

Creepy old stairs, but oh, so much character!

And we're here.

A little bit of inner city fun.
Bye for now


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