Wednesday, December 10, 2008

last minute

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to show you our latest goodies for Christmas. We have made two new Spice Angels dressed in vintage doileys, linens and lace. Holly and I had a great time digging through the large stash of vintage materials collected over time to find just the right bits & pieces . It's been a while and I had forgotten some of the treasures packed away. We love making these dolls as it is such a lovely way to use gorgeous old materials. They smell Christmassy too; the hearts are filled with cloves.

The first one has blue accents with a lovely old blue bird doiley and "french blue" shoes.

The bottom doll features an autumn toned doiley and "maple syrup" painted shoes. The best part is bringing them to life by blushing thieir cheeks....they 'warm up'.

Holly has been busy on her own too. There are more licorice allsort buttons and the cutest little plum pudding buttons avaliable in the Wattlebee shop now.

Plum Pudding Buttons - so cute!
These cute Holly leaves and Berry Beads are perfect for making an original pair of earrings but could be used on any Christmas project.

Licorice Allsorts - New colours and styles

Holly likes to make sure all the holes are clean in her buttons and we have the perfect size drillbit hidden away, I say hidden as our drill went missing, then one by one the bits went too. Lovely sons like to use them but they don't remember to give them back. I have to hide my scissors too! I hope Santa brings me a new pair....I've hinted a lot! Perhaps ones that give an electric shock to anyone not using them for fabric...ha ha!

Hope you are well underway with Christmas preparations and not feeling too stressed.

Best wishes


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Drum roll please......

Apologies for being sooooo slack with saying hello. I don't know what happens at the end of each year, the world speeds up and time seems to speed up with it. Everything has to happen before the magical change over to another year. I think I'm my own worst enemy as I try to do too many things at once and end up not finishing enough of them.

Anyway.... an absolutely lovely thing happened recently. I was awarded a very special honour from a very special blogger in Ireland. Stephanie's blog - My Calico Heart is always interesting and a visual delight ( also updated regularly...unlike mine). I was really thrilled to receive this award and have posted the banner with pride. I feel I have found a new friend and it is certainly inspiring and rewarding to have people like Stephanie on your side.

As to new designs...well I just finished work at school and as the kids are now on holidays ( me too) I'm ready to go. I really love christmas and all those holidays so no excuses are allowed. Not sure I'll finish the small Christmas wall hanging. The Moda fabric is gorgeous but I want it to be perfect, and at the moment it's not so I'm just going to chill on that one. There's always next year!

Another enterprising friend in Prague is holding Doll Club classes featuring my dolls. I am thrilled that the classes are going so well for her. Bohdana is a very talented person and her expertise in sewing and classes is a vital part of the success. I'm very grateful to her for my part in introducing doll making to The Czech Republic. Bohdana has sent filled photos of classes in progress. I will ask permission for photos to show.

Until next time...


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