Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Bees

Hi everyone,
The excitement is building in my little corner of the world. My new studio is becoming a reality. Step by step it's coming together. The boys have been working hard and Holly has been sorting buttons! We might get some pretty new jars or some cute old ones to house the colours and they will brighten up a shelf. Decorating is in her DNA.

Looking through one of the windows to a pretty wild garden. Outside is an old, very big mandarin tree with the worst fruit in the world. It's absolutely laden with fruit too, of course! It's fate is often a topic of conversation but I'd hate to remove it as it looks so lovely.

Inside, boxes of tiles to lay. The floor will be lovely and cool in our hot climate and easy to clean. And the best inclusion ever...a store room.

This is the lovely old door I have been saving. Now to strip the paint, clean & sand.

Not sure what colour to paint the door....will think about that!

This is the front. There is another set of windows on the right under the tarp. I can see a large pot of flowers will be perfect under the window.
Apart from all the outdoor construction I have been asked to work on a project for Homespun's Australiana issue out next January. Sounds like a long way away but as everything needs to be completed by end of June it is a priority right now. I really enjoy doing this particular issue and Wattle was my contribution for last year.
Well, back to organising some more patterns to be sent down to Helen in Tassie ready for her return from the US quilt show. As well as finishing off my pink nursery quilt.
Enjoy your day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Stress levels drama fixed.....and it's a beautiful day. Thank goodness!!

Today started with a lovely breakfast, a leisurely walk to nan & pop's house for morning tea and then back to working on the studio. Even though I'm not doing any of the work ( except bring tea & biscuits)it's exciting.

The weather is lovely, just cool enough to be comfortable still in short sleeves and great sleeping weather.

Still working on my new quilt. I have made changes to design images as well as colour choices....that's what designing is all about. Drawings are great on paper but don't always translate to fabric well and some colours just fall into place.
I wasn't using any brown ( chocolate ) until I started arranging the design elements and it just happened. I guess everything really is a little better with chocolate! I'm really pleased with the result at this stage and will show more soon.
Also, there is a fashion show at caboolture 15th May showcasing some wonderful new designers. One creative and talented designer Antje Palandt will be exhibiting her felted wearable designs...check out these link: website, blog
Hope all mums enjoy their special day,

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Just a quick post.....
I'm having a frustrating time getting computers working properly and just wanted to explain -should you not have received replies to emails or worse....orders not processed. I have installed a new "super dooper" computer that has Windows 7 and,'s different! Everything conflicts, can't get my internet or networking going etc, etc. The older computer that died and then resurrected itself has gone 'all wobbly' in sympathy. We are working at getting everything sorted so in the meantime, thank you for your understanding and patience.

Take care ( and say nice things to your computer).


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