Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lifting Spirits

This has been the month from hell! Well maybe not quite that bad (there were nice bits as well, Olivier turning one and now walking)...but viruses, tummy bugs hayfever(family) and then the final touch a lovely case of severe allergy reaction to "something"by me. I won't frighten you with the gory details, suffice to say only a mother could love what I look like at present. Went to the doctor today and have medications to stop itching, swelling etc. Fingers crossed they work as I'll be writing the next post from hospital otherwise.

I took some lovely photos in between puffing up and they do make me feel better. Hope they bring a smile to your face too.
Pots outside my studio door.

I surprised myself by finishing a new doll for Christmas....
Playing with buttons.....
A few leaves...
and here's "Holly".
Well it's the end of the school holidays here and it is back to study for another 8 weeks at least and then Christmas holidays. Boy has this year flown. I'm looking forward to that time of year again though.
For now, off to medicate and apply a cool bag...try to sleep...........more importantly try to get up in time for a hectic morning.
Take care
ps. I finished a cute drawstring bag to accompany the pink/choc quilt. Will show pics next time.


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