Monday, March 30, 2009

Baking Bunnies

Hi Everyone,

So much to catch up on and Easter nearly here. Do you have the same problem with grown children still not accepting they are too big for the Easter bunny's deliveries? Every year we decide to not buy eggs and every year there are the same disapointed of course I give in. I'll be looking not eating this time round but hey, I'm having fun collecting non edible bunnies etc.
Holly & I made some very cute bunny biscuits to share at school and had a lot of fun in the process. I was still stuck with clean up though.

A big thank you for the emails I really appreciate it. I'm being a very good girl and am doing very well. There is the slight problem still of blurry vision and having to wait another month before having my eyes checked. ... very frustrating when there is so much to do, but I'm getting there.

I've just purchased a great stash of yummy fabrics and just can't wait to work on them...... need new goggles first!
Bye for now,
p.s I'am working on a new look for our website. Don't get a fright when you have a will be nice when it's finished.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hi everyone,

Almost Easter, looking forward to another break ( always seem to be saying that), but it's true.

It's been a hell of a month. I was diagnosed with Diabetes just over a week ago, which explained alot about how I have been feeling lately, and just getting back on track now. My unpicker and I have become firm mates. I tried to sew last week and ended up leaving it in frustration as I had sewn the same bit three times, all wrong!

I do have something to share though.....did take a little longer than expected, but at least they are ready before Easter. I think they are cute enough to display all year actually, and now that I'm going to be a grandmother.....perfect for a little nursery decorating. There is a cot quilt to match coming too.

These little guys are made from cotton gingham lined with iron-on fabric interfacing. They have felt tummies, embellished with applique flowers, buttons and stitched with bright perle thread. I have weighted their bottoms with sand so that they will stand for display.

Fairy Queen, which is the third project for the Doll Club this year is almost ready to photograph, so she'll be the next show and tell.

Take care


ps. Beth ( Here's Harriet - comment) please forgive my slackness. If you are interested in a free pattern from the $16.50 range as mentioned in Newsletter, let me know a postal address & your choice. Deb


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