Friday, November 25, 2011

Two in a row!!

A lovely friend in Brazil has sent images of dolls made from my patterns and I wanted to showcase them as she makes them with such skill and care...and beautiful fabric choices. Thanks Angela.

A proud mum moment! Holly's dream job is about to start and she is very excited. She will be working at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane at the Children's Centre. Her first exhibition job will be for Pip and Pop's "We miss you magic land". The exhibition looks amazing. Next, we just have to wait for an offer from QUT and she is off and running. Holly has done all the hard work and completed her senior studies, applied for a Fine Art & Visual Art course, had her interview and now awaits results I guess. Meanwhile it is nice to have her company and imput during the holidays.
A beautiful apron made especially for me. What a lovely gift. The fabric is really smart and the styling is perfect...I love retro! Thank you Amie. I would love a dress out of this fabric.

If you are experiencing cool or cold weather in your part of the world I'd love to be there too. I hate the hot weather and it is humid as well as just plain hot here at the moment. Hubby has some insulation batts to help in the studio and I have pestered him for air conditioning as well. Just have to afford the power now! How nice it will be though. I think it might be a good trade off, more time in my studio means more peace for him:)

Making Pizza for dinner tonight.

Take care


This month

So much activity this month. November is flying away and I haven't recorded anything as yet. Thinking back it's been a month of preparation. Preparation for new projects, study, Holly's future and everything else in between.

Parcels have been arriving regularly...I think a couple delivery vans know the address quite well.
One such buy was my cute little bias machine. Okay, I guess it's not essential, but it was sooo cute! I saw it last year at the Melbourne trade show and decided I didn't want to cart it home on the plane. It works really well and very happy with it. The tray/extention table at the back of picture belongs to a deluxe rotary cutter that I also purchased. Now, the jury is still out on that one. I thought as I get sore wrists cutting with a normal rotary cutter it would be a good addition, but I can't seem to get a really straight cut which is vital if cutting for a quilt. I'm told it takes practise, will wait a little longer and see. If anyone has experience with this and can offer some advice I would be most grateful!
New triangle templates for my nursery quilt.

Oh, and I love wrapping parcels, so I have new string...loved the colour so that arrived too.

Nearly forgot! New tags. first clothing pattern has arrived. Olivier is my model so a few trials will be made over the holidays ready for grading. I haven't mentioned he'll be trialling the dress pattern yet...but he is only two so I don't think he will complain. Eagerly awaiting the rest of the patterns. Always dreamed of making childrens clothes especially when they can be good for us and the planet.

When I mentioned delivery vans heading my way, I wasn't kidding. Fabric, fabric and more fabric in readiness for the kids clothes has arrived. I love beautiful fabric and these are truly beautiful to look at and feel. The woven denim below is gorgeous, ethically & enviromentally manufactured and will be so comfortable to wear that I can't wait to get started.

Some interesting facts: hemp fibres are 25 times more durable than cotton; a low impact crop; breathe well, absorbs moisture and naturally resistant to damp, mould, mildew and bacteria, moths and silverfish. And best of all ( I have fair skinned kids) 100% hemp is 95%UV resistant.

This 100%hemp is soft and looks amazing. I have hemp/cotton blend t.shirt fabric also. Will be testing our screen printing and applique designs on these.

For now,



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