Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's New

2nd week of holidays...going too fast! We had beautiful weather at Rainbow and the boy's went out fishing. Lots of walking, wiggling toes in the sand, reading and sleeping. The later was interrupted a little when our two little boys arrived for a short stay. It was a wonderful surprise and we loved spending time with them, but, I'd forgotten how much energy is required to keep on your toes around a 2 year old.

Finally able to launch our groomies...what are they? Holly is wearing one in her hair. I wanted to use some of the lovely Gypsy Bandana fabric and I think they work well. Holly has certainly been road testing them and they passed with flying colours. They have rubber coated wire that allows them to be twisted in place and are pretty comfortable.

We made short versions too.

and while we were on a roll...some felting. I love wet felting as you all know and combined with gorgeous sterling silver I think these drop earrings are a nice addition. They weigh nothing and feel beautiful on.

My latest news is something that I'm pretty excited about as it is an important part of who I am and what I would love to incorporate into Wattlebee. I have always played around with sustainable, eco and consumer friendly fabrics and ideas, whether through reusing, hand crafting and making items that are long lasting as well as beautiful or alternatives to mass produced items. Printing with non toxic dyes/inks and using natural fabrics will be our next endeavour in a small range of children's clothes. Creating with fabrics that breathe, don't contain pesticides and are produced ethically and sustainably in my mind will be so rewarding. Being able to produce something that could be cherished and then lovingly handed down in the old-fashioned way is my ideal and I think the world is slowly turning back to this.

updates on this soon!

happy sewing ,


Friday, September 16, 2011

Beach calling

Thought I'd share a little more on the gelatine printing as we all use our products and techniques in different ways. (Bev)The fabric samples I showed previously have all been printed with fabric inks...such as shown here. They are water based and non toxic. They spread and intermix really well.The ink is runny but not too much and spreads well. Don't mind the gelatine plate it is looking a little worse for wear.....I threw it away shortly after as I hadn't kept this one in the fridge.

I rolled out the ink with a brayer which gives a good even coating.

I did use acrylic paint straight from the tube/bottle when I did some printing on paper but you need to work quickly and clean up straight away. I prefer the fabric inks. Hope you try it as it is lots of fun. I used my fabrics as feature panels on some IPOD cases during the week and it really makes something quite unique combined with commercial fabric trim.

This was the cake I was worried about as it was for Holly's friend turning 18, but all went really well. It was a Disney themed party with everyone wearing costumes based on a Disney film...Holly was a pirate ( Pirates of the Carribean). Our fav Op Shop was a great source as we found a jacket that I altered and trimmed with gold braid. All in all a great night I'm told. And yes, the cake was yummy. Holly's friend loves birds ( and pink) and was really pleased with the decoration, it also fitted with the disney theme perfectly. Oh, we made 4 doz cup cakes to surround the cake. Looked really pretty.

Yes, the beach is calling. It is the end of another school term and we are all ready for a break. The family have all had variations of cold and flu. I have had the flu and a sore back has had me walking around at right angles and feeling miserable, so a little peace, fresh air and sunshine should work wonders.

Olivier has turned two and he has a little party tomorrow to celebrate. More cup cakes!!

Take care and I hope you have a lovely week too.

ps. Not sure how to drive it yet but I'm on facebook so come and say hello.


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