Monday, September 6, 2010

Spring Sprung!

The last of winter...
The birds are tuning up and perfecting the sounds of Spring. I'm sure I heard something that sounded awfully like a Barbara Streisand tune this morning. Chirping, trilling and tweeting abound.
I love this's like steping into my own little sanctuary.
Okay, I also love IKEA. Don't they have some clever solutions. I finally found the perfect sewing table, even though I went for a computer station, but hey! It's nice and strong and for once really simple to put together.

A lovely shelf ( ready and waiting) to display some treasures and gorgeous fabrics to colour my world.
Working on some cute cases for glasses. They have magnetic closures and are padded for protection. I have been using up some of the gorgeous fabrics I brought home from the last Craft Show.

As promised some pics of the completed "Pretty Windows" quilt. I allowed myself a limited pallet to see what could be done and I'm happy with the results. Something for everyone I hope. I love applique so this quilt's in a combo of raw edge applique, embroidery and embellishment. It is easily adaptable for needleturn or blanket stitch...however you like to work it.

Not the best shot, but you get an idea. Pattern writing and testing to complete and it's off to Helen.

Take Care


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