Saturday, November 13, 2010

special people

Something very special comes with having an online shop. Over the years I have had the good fortune to "meet" some very special know who you are. It's the best part of throwing yourself into the www. On Thursday I received a parcel all the way from Brazil and after eagerly unwrapping - Oh! even the parcel smelt lovely, I held the most beautifully made "Country Seamstress" cloth doll. Angela, my Brazillian friend makes cloth dolls too and I felt very honoured to receive this much detail and so beautifully finished. I really love the crotcheted bag.....and the small cotton reel earrings.......and the little rolls of fabric...everything!!

If you have ever watched "The Castle" you will know what I mean when I say she is going straight to the pool room (Studio). Thank you Angela.

Been busy, school almost over for another year...countdown on now. Can't wait to have full days sewing. Friday 19th Holly and I are heading off to Melbourne (probably mentioned that) we're looking forward to it. It is a trade show so it will be lovely catching up with designers and the lovely people that stock my patterns. I'm looking forward to also showing Holly a little bit of Melbourne.....whatever we can pack into 3 days. Melbourne is a really nice city to visit. Next April there will be a Home Economics trip for year 11 & 12 and as I work in that Dept (as well as art) and helped plan it they can't go without me..yeah!! I have booked a lunch at The Press Club, George Calombaris's restaurant, and the staff have been so nice in arranging a talk with the chef/kitchen staff afterwards, I hope George is there too :)
We have pencil cases and reading/sun glasses cases to make today, so lots of sewing and then I have a party to deliver Holly to. The boys are at the beach collecting worms...that's another story, if you are really interested I will dig up some info on beach worms..ha ha!
Oh! and a bit of wildlife on our verandah..the possum of course looks startled, who wouldn't with the camera flash, and the gorgeous parrots eating the flowers off my Golden Penda tree. The birds are very rough and break branches but the sounds and the flurry of colour is amazing.

Take care,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm Back

October was too crazy a month, all forgotten now.

The stress of preparation for Holly's semi formal, last weekend, is over. She had a wonderful time, looked lovely and danced all night......everyone happy.
Starting November with a fresh slate and a few new additions to my studio.....another great find at Ikea. I LOVE MY ROOM!

On friday afternoon I visited the Valentino Retrospective. Amazing!

We are heading down to melbourne on the 19th for the Australian Quilt Market. If your going too pop over to the Pattern Press stand on saturday and say hello, I'll be there, looking forward to meeting you, and showing some of my quilt patterns. The latest -Pretty windows, will be there.
Back to working on new quilt. Olivier loves fish, boats and all things ocean related, living at the beach will do that to you, so that's the theme for this quilt.
Take care and happy sewing,


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