Monday, April 26, 2010

This weekend

Hi Everyone,
Thought you may like a preview of A Little Sheepish Quilt all finished. This was a joy to make. I love raw edge applique at the moment, it's quick and easy and gives a great result.

this is the cute little "sheepish" toy that is included.

And now for a sneak peek at my next project...well at least the colour selection. I wanted to do something really feminine and sweet....I think these will work nicely.

This is the best thing ever...a new custom built studio. My darling husband & sons are constructing an area that will hold all my paraphanalia and accommodate all I love to do. Holly and I are so excited. I will post photos of their progress as it starts to look interesting. I enjoy watching a building take shape and love to supervise whether it is appreciated or not. Actually sitting in the middle of things and dreaming is more like it, but it is pretty exciting!

Take care

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sheepish!....In every way. What have I been doing since the first of April? Well, busily getting all my patterns ready for printing. Big job initially setting them up in the format required but all on track now. I've learnt new skills (the very hard way) and excited about the avenues I've taken. A little Sheepish quilt will be hot off the press and available as soon as the patterns arrive ...I will be watching the mail daily.

Thought I'd share some different "Dottys" by two ladies that have kindly pattern tested for me.
Sue made this the variations.

and Glenda's ..... imaginative quilt back..
and an alternate -blanket stitched block... thank you both.

We made some scrumptious biscuits the other day so I have included a link...they are worth trying, but only have a small portion...yeah right! Brown butter toffee blondies from Martha Stewart. I don't think we can buy toffee pieces in the cake making isle in Brisbane at least so my tip is to crush 2 packets of Werthers Originals ( small ones) and use those. Yum! Let me know what you think.

Off to dinner,
Take care

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Marathon run

Hi Everyone,
No, I haven't actually run in any marathons, but the last couple of days have surely made me feel as if I have. It is nice to take time out and breathe.

Just before I tell you all the news...a little diversion. The 6th Asia Pacific Triennial is in Brisbane at Qld Art Gallery & GoMA. Beautiful exhibition and worth seeing if you are in town.

This is an incredible artwork by Subodh Gupta " Line of Control" using brass & copper utensils.
and this.... a communal art work making small flying devices ( planes, helicopters etc) from found objects.

My favourite...I think! This beautifully crafted artwork by Kohei Nawa " Pix Cell - Elk#2" this artwork transforms the body of a taxidermied elk ( bit yukky!) by covering it with transparent glass & acrylic beads. these beads fracture, distort & magnify the images captured inside the spheres.
Pretty impressive!!
Okay the water is a little BROWN ( silty I hope)
- view from the big ferris wheel at Sth Bank Brisbane AKA "The Wheel of Brisbane"

and another.

My news....well the new website is up & running...yeahh!! Still lots to do. After 6 years it was time to freshen up, rethink and reorganise. I have made some changes and one very important aspect is the Publishing and Distribution of my patterns in partnership with Pattern Press. I am delighted to announce this development. Helen and her team ( a BIG thank you!!) have been hard at that was a marathon effort, processing the patterns. It will take some time before they are all in stock as despite all efforts there are only 24 hours in a day. As they say " it won't happen over night, but it will happen!
Let your favourite local craft shop know they can now order a supply from Pattern Press for a convenient option.
I'm looking forward to finishing " a little sheepish" a new nursery quilt over the Easter break and adding to the website.
I'd love to hear any comments about the new site/look.
Wishing you all a safe and peaceful Easter.
Take care
ps. Bohdana, best of luck with the International Doll Exhibition 9th of April in Prague.


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