Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Print some fun

Have you tried gelatine printing? So much fun can be had with a little edible gelatine & water. You can buy ready to use plates that last a long time, but I just made one using 2 tablespoons of gelatine to every 1 cup of water. Dissolve gelatine in half the amount of cold water first then add other half of boiling water. Pour into flat dish and allow to set. Doesn't need to be in the fridge to set but keeps for 2-3 weeks in fridge afterwards. Carefully separate gelatine plate from mold, lift out and place on flat surface ....I used a small sheet of glass from picture frame. Roll, paint or spread dye, acrylic paint etc on gelatine plate. Fine detail can be obtained from feathers, thread, torn paper etc placed on top. Cover with paper or fabric and press smoothly with hands. Lift paper/fabric and you have a wonderful print. You can over print...just have fun. Try google for more info if interested as there is a lot to read by some very interesting artists.

a small sample of my first efforts.....

I used netting from an onion bag for this detail.

top and bottom ring of a cone of overlocker thread for these.

my messy collection.

I think I may use the squares to make unique little phone cases as they can be matched with plain fabrics to really showcase the designs.

One last show and tell...

This is "The CAKE" that has been an all consuming project for the last week. I made a white chocolate mudcake so that Holly could decorate it for her teacher going on maternity leave

(it's a little girl so pink was planned). I think she did a great job for a first effort.

We have another go at making one for the 18th birthday party this weekend.

Take care


Monday, August 22, 2011

Colours of the rainbow

Well not quite but certainly beautiful and certainly the perfect thing to brighten up a miserable day weatherwise. It's drizzly rain and howling wind. Typical August weather I suppose. Did I mention it was cold? I know we are spoilt in Queensland but it has been a cold winter.
Back to colour....I have been playing with my felt and along with this great Gypsy Bandana print ..... ( and my trusty glue pen) which I don't normally use on dolls but has proved a great help.

Some scrunched, tea-stained muslin. Such a beautiful mellow colour and great texture. I have come up with this.

I'm so happy with the results.

Just wanted to say also that I am always ready and willing to share doll making tips or help with projects etc, so please ask or alternately, use this site to share any tips you may have, we all love to learn.

I'm thinking hot chips (naughty!) or soup for lunch....and then back to finishing the instructions for this pattern.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

This week

Holly and I have been practicing cake decorating on these cup cakes in readiness for an 18th birthday party in September. Holly wanted to make her friends cake as a special gift. Lots of work still to do on that but also lots of creative fun. These ones went to school so I wasn't tempted. I think we will try a white chocolate mud cake today. The weather is miserable...drizzling rain & quite cold, so perfect for baking.

You may wonder about the eclectic assortment today....these little guys are bandicoots courtesy of the Melbourne museum. I took the photo to compare what I have found digging up my garden. Little holes everywhere. I've never seen the holes before so whether it is due to recent floods or the cold snap I don't know but some shown above are endangered, some at risk. I suspect it is either the top middle or right long nosed species. They are so quick and elusive, and only spotted at night of course that I may never know.

Silence -2003 by Adrian Mauriks, at Dockside Melbourne.

And my little Tiger. He's almost 2yrs old...how time flies.

Take care


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sore feet

I absolutely love Melbourne, the life style, fashion and innovative designers. But my poor feet!

A little colour magic....gorgeous mosaic
A window display( cute bird).....love the vintage lino......
and Kylie's bum......found at Dockside, along with a few other well knowns like Dame Edna Everage, Dame Nellie Melba and Graham Kennedy.

Mum, my sister and I had the best time away. I loved showing them some of the places I love to visit and that they had heard me yabber on about...quite a lot. We ate, laughed, walked, got lost a little, did I mention walked? We learn't which were the best routes down hill.

Mum & sis heading towards the Exhibition Building on route to Melbourne Museum.

A favourite shop is L'uccello - a vintage haberdashery store that I always make a point of visiting (mentioned this before..I Know!! ). This time was no exception and I arrived home with the most beautiful collection of wool felt. The colours are magnificent and I can't wait to use them. Oh, and a couple of the sweetest little cotton reels filled with linen and silk thread.
A cute gelato shop at Dockside.

We really enjoyed seeing the King Tut exhibition....well worth a visit. Each of us bought a silver scarab beetle pendant as a momento.

What I'm working on now? A new angel using some of the wool felt for applique. Bright and colourful with a little twist!

Just awaiting Cherry Pip patterns from Helen and she will be added to the shop.

Take care


Thursday, August 4, 2011


Why not!
Cherry Pip has been keeping me company for a while and is now finished. I love working with wool felt and it felt nice and warm under my fingers during our cold snap. Still working on the pattern but will be ready soon.

Melbourne trip coming up quickly. It seems like yesterday it was 3 months away, but now next Friday is the day. Really looking forward to it. My sister and I are taking mum to see the King Tut Exhibition and then madly shopping.......more felt, yeah! Visiting the Press Club again also as I loved the experience during the school trip and would like to share it with them.

Talk soon



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