Thursday, July 31, 2008

That time again!

Hi Everyone,

I'm still here. Feeling a little sore & sorry for myself lately having had a few little health hiccups. All's fine now but everything else goes out the window at times like this and I couldn't think of designing at all.
Now I can't wait, still have those spots ( fabric not me) to have fun with....... definitely my next project.

The boys were all away last week at a major fishing competition despite their fair share of rain, a good time was had by all and I do mean daughter & I enjoyed the peace & quiet too. I had lots of spare time (so I thought) to catch up on projects. Even though it didn't turn out that way we still enjoyed a little time to ourselves.

It's that time again with Xmas Club starting in September I wanted to show the first project "Evening Star". There will be three angels in the Club range and I will show them as I get them finished. I decided they will all be offered as kits as I think everyone appreciates having all the materials necessary on hand when they just want to get stuck in and create, as well as being time poor at that end of the year, so I can help out by providing kits. I have had buttons made to suit the projects and all the details will be sorted & available on the website soon.

Here's a glimpse of "Evening Star" She's a nice easy one. I also find, as handmade gifts are the best kind, that these Christmas patterns are used on many occasions for special gifts. My mum & sister do this for me and I can tell you, each doll tells a story and never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Off to do some creating...have fun & happy sewing

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Seeing Spots!

I'm finally happy to release the latest pattern ' pocket full of Miracles' and she is ready & waiting on the website. Stephanie, I'll be sending the promised pattern to you tomorrow.

Just in case anyone is interested....I finally found the original camera battery, knew I would, I suspect the cat found it and played a little game of soccer because we had checked the spot it was found in many times previously. Things are looking up.

Funky spots are in.
I wonder what I can do with these? I have an idea.....and I'll show you soon.

Happy sewing till next post.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

I get it!

I finally get it......having too much trouble with silly little problems lately surrounding this DVD. I need to step back, take a deep breath and let it be for awhile. Other projects have been put on hold & they need to be started so my new resolution is to get back to work and get them moving.

Forget all that....just had to have a little winge! I have some good news though, both the lovely ladies that commented recently on "Pocket full of Miracles" will receive a pattern ( as soon as I finish it). Debby & Stephanie, please let me know where you would like it sent and I will pop a pattern in the mail. There is still some writing & testing to do but I will let you know via BLOG as soon as they are ready to go. Hope you enjoy making them & thank you.

The weather was absolutely glorious today, out of the cold wind at least. So easy to fall asleep in a sunny spot. I was reading a lovely cookbook by Ross Dobson called China Town Sweet Sour Spicy Salty, the photography is beautiful ( Sydney Chinatown) and just looking through the recipes made me want to grab my wok and start chopping.

This is not Brisbane but Melbourne Chinatown....visited last year and yes, it's raining.

Till next time


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bermuda Triangle ?

There have been some very 'spooky' things happening lately. Yesterday we were about to do some video taping again for the DVD when I removed the battery from the camera to 'help' recharge it....totally forgot that that's NOT how you do it. Couldn't find the recharger; which is not surprising under the circumstances, and in the process somehow lost the battery. I have turned the studio & house upside down in my effort to find it, but to date no luck. I couldn't remember even putting it down, couldn't retrace my steps because it was a complete blank. To make matters worse I'd been looking for some other item earlier in the day and had no luck there either. The last straw was losing a card while out purchasing new fabrics today. Did the search through the bag, patting pockets, going back to the sales assistant etc, got in my car & went straight home.............and no, I didn't trip over the battery when I got in.
It's all too spooky. I really hope it goes in threes and I'm over it. I'm sure I'll laugh about it later, perhaps when I forget about the cost of my new battery!

Lighter side...aren't these ribbons just beautiful? I found them today and can't wait to see what can be done with them. I love the colour combinations and simple, fun shapes.

Very happy with myself for finishing & sending the Australiana doll off to Australian Homespun ahead of schedule. I really hate to let anyone down so she is in their capable hands now and I'm looking forward to seeing her in print in Jan '09. Seems like such a long way away but I know it will be here all too soon. This following link has some projects & info on next issues -

Christmas Club projects are on the design board now. There will be three, starting September through to Nov, and I haven't decided whether to make them as kits or patterns as we have done both before. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on this. I'll have some pics to show soon.

It is supposed to get really chilly tomorrow- 17 deg....I'm sure some of you will be saying that's not cold! But for here...well, it is a little nippy. Time for a hot chocolate right about now and check out my new fabric stash.

Happy sewing


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wet, wet, wet.

Hi everyone,

Beautiful rain is falling outside my window, so perfect for sewing......... and chocolate eating unfortunately!

Thanks Debby for your comment, lovely to hear from you.

I promised to post a full image of "Pocket full of Miracles" she is -

It's also a perfect weekend to write up the pattern so it won't be long before she will be available in the shop.

I visited an interesting website recently and just love their fabrics, I'm a sucker for gorgeous fabric & these are delicious....

Sorry it's only a quick post but I wanted to show her off and I will have more news soon. Remember the competition...leave a comment by July 8 & you will go in a drawer to win a pattern for her.

Have a lovely weekend



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