Monday, May 21, 2012

Alive & Kicking!

What happened to the last 4 months? Even has a new look! I guess with Easter and excessive activities at school the months fly by. I have been busy ...some things turn out and others unfortunately do not. I had a few of those'do nots' while trying to get samples for the US quilt market that Pattern Press attends every year. I was not happy with my dolls so they didn't get sent. Back to the drawing board though. I hope Helen had a successful trip and am looking forward to hearing her news.
The following bag is a little design I had been working on over time...I'm happy to say it is finished and ready for pattern production. Holly was a great help with this one especially as Uni lectures were the inspiration behind the style. The bag has a zippered pencil case, space for a A5 lecture pad and a pocket for notes. It opens to form a writing mat, is easy to carry and just the right size. I have teamed it with a cute little mobile phone or IPOD holder. The owl fabric is so cute ( I made quite a few of these bags to match the lecture sets.

Catching up to this weekend...The long awaited cheesemaking course. A very full but satisfying 2 days. I did the course with my mum ( in pic) looking a little weary. The first day was so full we both slept like logs, the second day was easier and the lessons and hard work started to make sense.
This is a link to the course. cheesemaking They run all over Australia and there will be a part 2 with blue vein at the end of the year sometime, they are all booked out for now. I can thoroughly recommend the course...tutor very knowledgable and a lovely man...morning teas and lunch provided,yummy!

These are our chabichou ( in background) and camembert cheeses

This is my cheddar...very proud of this one. Needs to be sealed and stored til Christmas at least.

For now, take care

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