Monday, August 27, 2012

fabric fun

Got a chance to play with some fabric scraps this weekend. Mean't to start dyeing some white cotton drill that I had put aside for the purpose but somehow got side tracked. I did wash & iron the drill though, so I am one step closer to the dye pot.
Making new fabric from strips of other beautiful commercial fabric is so much fun too. I had a pair of cushion inserts that had been sitting around looking sad...perfect! I spent Saturday morning pulling fabric from boxes and cutting strips. After sewing them together lengthways I ended up adding a layer of thin batting, quilting down the seams and putting the cushions together.

Pretty happy with the results. It's easy to do - a mad mix of pattern, plain, spot, floral worked well but I kept some fabrics for both cushions ( black/white & red) and then added different accent colours such as the blue tones.

I caught this beautiful moment of our grandsons ...a quiet 'second' of rest before the fun of jumping on a matress begins again.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.
Take care Deb

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