Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hi there,

Where to start?
Arrived back from a lovely first visit to Adelaide. Now I don't want to offend any Adelaiders but before my visit I was asked why on earth I wanted to go there...not much to do, etc. I was so pleasantly surprised. Adelaide is a really easy city to get around and there is lots to do and see. I especially loved seeing the museum and art gallery. The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize finalists were great to see and I thought the Uni grounds ( as seen from Popeye) were impressive.
A beautiful day trip to Kangaroo Island, another to The Barossa Valley...eating, eating!
Also, everyone we met was friendly, and on numerous occasions, very helpful - got lost on the first night so it was very nice to know that people were eager to help...very nice impression.

This week was spent dyeing, printing and preping fabric for projects. We have even sent off our first designs to be digitally printed via Spoonflower. Can't wait to receive them.
 A lovely warm day and they took little time to dry.
 Lino block printed fabric in foreground
 Soy wax circles before over dyeing.

The green fabric is the end result - lovely blue circles on hemp.

Take care

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